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  1. TreeburnerCT

    Stable 10" Tablet Mount

    I've been using the SKYREAT Upgraded Dji Mavic Pro Tablet Holder ( https://smile.amazon.com/SKYREAT-Upgraded-Tablet-Bracket-Controller/dp/B01N5KIXG9/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1504212057&sr=8-2&keywords=skyreat+mavic ) to hold my 10.1" Asus Zenpad on my Mavic controller, but the plastic ball joint...
  2. N

    Mavic Pro Battery - Discharge

    Hello, Im new to this "Hobby" and I read different forum threads and I would like your opinion. As stated the Batteries are "intelligent" and discharge own their own to 65% according to settings. I read though that if you fly somewhere you need the batteries to be discharged to 10%-20% and...