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adobe premiere

  1. B

    technical transforms for easier colour correction or viewing of flat or log DJI footage

    Hey guys, I am a professional colourist and colour scientist who is also a owner of a Mavic Pro 2 (formerly Mavic Air, formerly Spark ;)) When grading my own footage I always struggled as the transfer curves and the gamut (the fidelity of the colours) are not really mathematically documented...
  2. Calhoun Ranger

    Video editing and computer specs

    I am reaching a point where the complexity of my edited videos is taxing my computer in a pretty serious way. I would like to hear other experiences concerning laptop vs desktop, Windows vs Mac, processors and processor speeds, RAM, etc. I usually take video in 4K (lets me zoom when necessary)...
  3. johneze

    Took some footage at Half Moon Bay, California

    My first 'short' video, shot from the Mavic Pro with a bit of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Hope you like it:
  4. R

    Can you edit 4K@30fps smoothly?

    I have been working with 4K@30fps in Adobe Premiere for the last three videos I have produced and even though my PC is fairly fast and has a good GPU and SSD drives it is a bear to work with 4K. Now I know somebody is going to jump in and say oh I have a lowly XYZ computer and it works fine...