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aerial footage

  1. S

    3 Inserting 3D models into aerial video

    Testing out 3D models with aerial video
  2. CanyonRunVideos

    2 Pro DJI Mavic 2 Pro flying a smooth pass over Laguna Lake Fullerton, California

  3. Churches 2.JPG

    Churches 2.JPG

  4. F

    Aerial from Discoveries to the Tower... [Lisbon,Portugal]

    Hello, Here is some footage and photo that i've made this weekend with Mavic 2 Pro. please meet Monument to the Discoveries and Bélem Tower. 360 from Bélem Tower: The world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | Keep in mind: In order to fly in this area you...
  5. eutx9795

    Cívica, a strange abandoned village

    Halfway between Brihuega and Masegoso de Tajuña, in Guadalajara, Spain, there is this architectural whim, a mixture of nature and a man's hand: Don Aurelio, a priest from the nearby town of Valderrebollo, who after acquiring a property in the The same village was dedicated every day between 1950...
  6. heo3480

    Silo Demolition Gone Wrong - Aerial Footage

    I was asked to capture footage with my Mavic Air from a demolition scheduled taking down a big silo one the shores of Vordingborg, Denmark. Despite all preparation, the demolition failed and damaged the building behind. What do you think caused the Silo to tilt in the wrong direction?
  7. eutx9795

    One of the most famous islands at ancient history: Temple of Melqart-Hercules

    Hope you like this little piece of history This castle, located on an island at the mouth of the Caño de Sancti-Petri, is historically linked to one of the most important and famous temples of antiquity: the Temple of Melqart-Hercules. According to the historiography, in this temple was buried...
  8. RickyMavic

    Spectacular Sunset time-lapse 4K

    Hey guys! Just finished up this video. I tried to do a time-lapse by keeping the drone in the air for 10mi, and then speeding up the footage in iMovie. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions on how to produce a better time-lapse with the Drone? Thanks, RickyMavic
  9. M

    New MavicPro Owner from San Jose CA.

    Hi everyone, While I am doing some research about the Dji Mavic Pro I came across on this thread and never hesitate to sign up and get connected to the other drone pilots. I am very excited to get some footage with my mavic pro and already planned what and where to shoot for my content. and...
  10. bcjkdem

    Feedback on Mavic video, please!

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback you guys can provide on this Mavic video I put together. I got some really great replies about my last video, and hope to get some more constructive criticism about this one as well. Thank you in advance!