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  1. G

    Mini 3 Pro Flight During Dodgers Game TFR

    Mini 3 Pro Flight During Dodgers Game TFR Mini 3 Pro drone was flown into the baseball stadium under full control, and then flew up and out, and away. My suspicion is that this Mini 3 Pro was flown with the new DJI RC bundle, where no cellular connection exists, and no wifi connection exists...
  2. Yaros

    Over 80,000 DJI drone IDs exposed in data leak
  3. L

    DJI Aeroscope / pilot identification

    Hey there I have some general questions about aeroscope & how DJI handles user-/device ID. If I buy a DJI drone online, does the shop/DJI know the device ID of the drone/controller? If I've activated my drone with my DJI account, but then removed it to sell it and the buyer links it to his...
  4. Yaros

    Just curious, can THIS trick Aeroscope?

    I thought of a potential way to make the pilot location unidentifiable to DJI Aeroscope, I wonder if it works. So, Aeroscope gets the GPS location of the pilot by the GPS in your phone, and the drone's location by the GPS in the drone, right? What if the pilot: - Puts phone in Airplane mode, so...
  5. Yaros

    Disable Aeroscope on Mavic Air 2?

    I really want to disable Aeroscope on my Mavic Air 2. I know that before it was a switch in the app, now it is forced to be enabled. I'm not trying to break the law or anything, but one time I was flying close to a no-fly zone (not inside the zone) and 5 minutes after takeoff a helicopter came...
  6. Yaros

    Police Helicopter tried to locate my drone?! Or was it just a coincidence?

    Hello, Today something odd happened to me, I was recording some videos near my school with the drone for a project, got authorization from the school, and went flying. I didn't go above 30 meters high, and that's very good. 10 minutes after takeoff a Police Helicopter started flying above and...
  7. B

    more info on DJI Aeroscope