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  1. Adri-sharkdrone

    Strict drone laws RAWANDA

    Hello all A note for drone users planning to travel to Rawanda whether planning to use your drone or not. Drones are banned in rawanda without a permit. All bags are scanned and any drones must be handed over to officers who will hold them in a room full of other drones until you leave the...
  2. Paci Fista

    Go4 crash on SC leads to disconnect; happy ending

    Currently in Africa, near the Indian Ocean. Yesterday my Mavic 2 Pro suddenly lost contact with my SmartController. It was well within range, no obstacles or warning signs of a disconnect. Suddenly the drone is no longer there on the screen, the visual goes to BW... The RTH does not kick in, it...
  3. F

    Drone regulations per country Information

    Hello guys, Do you know if there's a website showing all drone regulations per country ? as well as drone experience travelling to those countries? Some countries doesn't have clear information about drone flying. What's more, in some countries drone flying is just banned (I've read an...
  4. AzuraPhotography

    (What am i doing wrong?) AKOMA - An aerial film from an epic road...

    This is only my third video I have made since getting a drone, coming from a photography background it is taking some getting used to. I would really appreciate your honest feedback as i know there is plenty of scope for improvement! Thank you in advance. //AKOMA // One 4x4 - Three friends...
  5. Gadgetsjon

    Hi From Ghana!

    I'm actually a Londoner, but coming out to Ghana has given me a chance to really put my Mavic through its paces. Little-to-no restrictions because I have a decent amount of private land here. Just stumbled across the forum, would love to learn from the experiences of others. Hi!