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  1. TheoMatthias

    UPDATED: Airdata UAV Reports Battery Info Working with DJI Go 4 v.4.1.18 for iOS!

    I've been sidelined for the past month or so with medical issues. Before this happened, I know that my battery data stopped being read by Airdata UAV. Evidently, Airdata said it was an API (SDK) issue with the DJI Go 4 app. Does anyone know if the latest Go 4 version (4.1.17) has resolved this...
  2. K

    AirData Syncing Problem

    I've got an AirData (fka Healthy Drones) free account. There are 356 total flights, 194 archived flights and 100 active flights (the limit of the free plan). Fair enough. But, when I sync up new flight records, they don't show up in the My Logs list. The sync process (via HD Sync app and the...