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  1. Gringorio

    Props in checked baggage?

    I'm good at asking stupid questions, so here's one: I'll be flying to Mexico and I've watched a few videos on how to take drones on airline flights. One video said to put the props in checked baggage because they could be considered a cutting/slashing tool. Is this true or is it safe to keep...
  2. F

    Costa Rica DGAC

    I'm traveling to Costa Rica at the end of the month and I've done some research into the rules and regulations I may encounter during my trip. I've already gotten some lipo bags for my batteries (for the flight) but my bigger concern is the recreational sUAV laws of the country. I've read...
  3. I

    DJI Mavic Pro @ 36000ft

    DJI Mavic Pro Is a dream to travel with compared to Inspire 1 Pro. Quick quide to getting it to 36000ft.