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  1. I

    How many drone batteries can be carried on a U.S. Airliner?

    Information acquired from reputable Internet sources and directly from airline websites. However, PLEASE CALL YOUR AIRLINE and drone battery manufacturer PRIOR TO TAKING ANY DRONE BATTERIES ONBOARD THE PLANE. Do not place drone batteries in checked baggage. The following Battery Watt hours will...
  2. macnug

    Emirates Mavic Air carry on

    Hi Guys, i was wondering if someone of you did carry on the Mavic Air in an Emirates flight. In few days i will leave from MXP-JFK-LAX and i heard of Emirates drone policy. Seems that drones must be in the checked lugguage. I will fly with a backpack so i am deeply concerned on damages may...
  3. JohnChap

    Drones on planes

    I recently noticed this message at an Emirates counter (not the check-in counter but the pre-boarding one). I asked the person what the issue is with drones. The reply was that the drones have (prop) blades and so are a security issue. Needless to say I didn't own up that I have a drone nor...
  4. BuzzinBuzzard

    Anyone flown with Aer Lingus to Ireland or say Germany with Mavic Air?

    Hey There! So in the near future I'll be heading to Ireland from the US, and would love to be able to take my mavic air with me! Problem is, I travel light, and only take a carry-on and normally my camera pack as a personal item. Has anyone had any luck with Aer Lingus bringing their Mavic...
  5. abeazzy2

    Flying to Hong Kong, Bali and Vietnam

    HI, Im flying with Singapore airlines to hong Kong this summer and then Asian airline and VietJet for a couple of the legs for a total of 8 total flights. I have a dedicated backpack along with the Lipo Battery protectors. The back pack is going on board with me as I will also have my laptop...
  6. Chip D

    Traveling by airlines and batteries

    I"ve had my Mavic for at least a month or so, and I'll be flying to California for a few days for work. Was gonna take my Mavic along, and was wondering if anything needs to be done with the batteries. Meaning, I plan on checking my Mavic along with the batts with my luggage. But I had...