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airport distance

  1. S

    Mavic Air airport proxy help!

    I work at a trucking company that is less than a mile away from ORD (O'hare International Airport) I have a stock Mavic Air and what I'm trying to do is create some indoor shots of trucks on the show room floor for marketing purposes. I'm aware there are proximity issues with airports and I"m...
  2. Y

    Legal flying

    So there are tons of posts about this but was hoping I could get a clear response. I have registered my Mavic Air with the FAA. Everywhere near me falls within 5 miles of an airport. All are recreational and have no control tower so I have been flying and have not had an issue yet. Question 1...
  3. Greg Smithski

    Interesting article and animation. London airport.

    Interesting article and animation for anyone that's interested. This animation shows the chaos a drone caused at a London airport
  4. J

    Airplane height at 3 km of airport

    If you are reading this and are from Canada, you know how frustrating the drones regulations are, for those how don't know, google it. One of the thing that is the most frustrating is the 9 km rule : You can't fly your drone within 9 km of an airport. I live in a small city with an airport at...
  5. mlaczek

    Fake or not.

    hi guys, what do you think, this picture is fake, or not? if not, i'll traveling by plane never anymore. :eek:
  6. M

    Joe Foss Field - flying under recreational rules

    Anyone in the Sioux Falls area ever call the airport per the recreational rule requirements before flying? if so, what was the response? Do they have a contact number for this purpose?
  7. S

    Measuring distance to airports

    How do you measure the distance to an airport? Is it to the SIDA fence? Is it the end of the nearest runway? If it's the SIDA fence, what about uncontrolled airports?