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airvuz videos

  1. BlazeAir

    Flying around an ol' Brewery

    It was such a nice Minnesota day I had to take the Mavic out. I have been on this kick of finding cool old landmarks, so in this vid I went to the old Schmidt Brewery building in St. Paul. Sadly it hasn't been brewing beer in years, but the place still looks sweet! Also, it was finally a day of...
  2. Seabas82

    DJI Mavic Pro - Florida's Springs

    Traveling across Central Florida, came across some of its beautiful Fresh water Springs. Here are some shots that highlight the beauty of this natural Wonders. Shot with Polar Pro Cinema Series ND8/PL Filter. I have been using these filters very often on sunny days and they work great, they slow...
  3. AirVūz

    Drone Video Sharing and Hosting

    Hi MavicPilots Members, My name is Jacob and I work with AirVūz. AirVūz is the worlds largest drone videos hosting & sharing website. It's a site for the worldwide drone community to show their amazing flights, races, aerial productions and work. In our first post, I would like to go over just...