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altitude issue

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    Few noob questions about M3

    I have two questions about my Mavic 3. 1. When the terrain is getting higher shouldn't the M3 altitude limit change with the terrain? I was trying to fly over a hill/rock and reached the limit I've set - the legal limit in Europe 120m. At this point the drone was maybe 10m of the ground, but...
  2. G


    Good morning all, We are using drones for bird scarring over a vineyard. Im having some issues regarding altitude variations on a fleet of Mavic Enterprise 2s. We run 3 ME2's and all of them suffer the same issue. The drones will take off from the same home point for every mission, and fly out...
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    GS Pro - Waypoint altitude issue ?

    If I pre-plan a roughly circular Waypoint route around a small hill, starting 150m (contour difference) ABOVE where I'll be sat at the the 'Home Point' ( not 150m in the air), will the Mavic know not to fly into the hill, but to stay10m above the ground ?? (Assuming I've set each Waypoint to...
  4. P

    Altitude issue.

    Hello, you all. Since my last firmware update, I have a rather important issue with altitude measurement. I went out today for some tests of the camera and did two flights at a very short distance from my home point (max home distance about 150') and at relatively low altitude (no more than...