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  1. C

    Mavic Pro Emergency

    Hey everyone, I'm a Leaving Cert(IRISH A levels) student in Galway and one of the subjects I do is called Design and Communication Graphics. Each year there is a project worth 40% of the overall final mark. This year the project is to design a quad-copter drone. Most of the project is done...
  2. Z

    camera angle changes with time

    Hello! my Mavic is about 4 months old, done 76 flights, 130 km, survived several crushes. bird always travels with an original gimbal lock protector in a dedicated padded case. the issue: some time ago I've noticed the camera isn't completely level. it's tilted right to some degree. those...
  3. K

    RTH sideways - compass calibration?

    I am facing problem that when I initiate RTH, MP is not facing directly to home but always some 30-40 degrees sideways. I tried several compass calibrations in proper environment and it does not seem to get better. When I try to manually correct heading angle during RTH it immediately goes...