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anti collision lighting

  1. C

    Yoooo, newbie here. I have some newbie questions too!

    Hello folks! Newbie here from California, I'm new to drones but been dreaming to have one for a long time... Just got a brand-new non-combo DJI Air 2S today for $800 cash. I'm very happy about the price! Yep I also got some newbie questions, hope you guys can solve my puzzle: Should I go with...
  2. Hughes820

    10$ Mavic mini anti collision lights tested

    In case you own a mavic mini and haven’t noticed the lack of lights except for the flashing green One on the bottom in the back of drone. I wanted to fly in twilight and found it nearly impossible to navigate without lighting. All a sudden I got this idea while I was looking Online at the...
  3. gjmphoto

    ACS-30 Anti Collision Lights - Anyone mount one to a Mavic?

    I'm looking at ACLights and came across the ACS-30. Has anyone had any experience with this unit? I think it's pretty new. I'd also like to know where to mount one on a Mavic (MPP).