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apple ipad

  1. marklyn

    iPad mini 4 for MAVIC question

    I'm strongly considering using a small tablet instead of my phone on the controller and have always been an android fan *but* I went to the local Fry's and held an iPad mini 4, and even put it in the controller arms and it fit so darn nicely that I think I'm going to try to find one used. Since...
  2. K

    iPad Mini 2 Wifi+Cellular 16GB space gray - $150 + S/H

    iPad only, no accessories. It has a reasonable amount of dings and scuffs and one hair thin scratch on the screen, not visible when the screen is on. Also two scratches outside of the visible area near the Home button. Currently, the screen is under the anti-glare protector made of plastic and...
  3. Kennetf

    Ipad Mini Preview-reception issue?

    Hey there mavic'ers! After hearing so much fuss about using the Ipad Mini in the mavic remote lately, I tired it out myself today. I experienced some glitching in the preview while using it. I had full HD streaming in like..5 seconds, and then suddenly it could start glitching all the time...