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  1. J

    Air 2s Night shots of Columbus, OH

    Took my Air 2S out tonight for its maiden night flight (yes, I got a strobe (Vifly) to attach to it). I knew the gimbal worked great for video work, but I was very interested to see how stable the drone would stay when shooting longer exposure stills. Well, 1.6s at 400 feet with a 16.5mph wind...
  2. Eastside Story

    Eastside Story

    Flying over Birmingham City University on an Autumn afternoon.
  3. Night over Hong Kong Harbour

    Night over Hong Kong Harbour

    Aerial drone Shots across Hong Kong Harbour from Kowloon
  4. M

    Footage - Flying Indoors / Motion Control shots

    100% shot on a DJI Mavic Pro. We hadn't found much footage of indoor drone shots before doing this so we decided to share our own experience. Shooting with the Mavic was extremely fast and gave incredible control replacing Dollies, Sliders, Jibs, and even Motion Control systems. What you guys...