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  1. koco2202

    Register drone for travel to Argentina

    I read that all drones must be registered before the National Aircraft Registry of the ANAC before taking drone to Argentina, but after lots and lots of research, I was not able to find the link to register my drone. I will be going to Argentina in the middle of November and going to Buenos...
  2. pablo.yamamoto

    Cheers from San Juan province, Argentina! 🤗

    Hello everyone! 🤗 I am delighted to have found this community of drone pilots! I hope to be able to collaborate from my humble place and learn from your enormous experience. Come visit the province of San Juan, in Argentina with its wild and beautiful landscapes. 🤗 ❤️
  3. Guillermo Menéndez

    Pro Flight over the triple border (UY - BR - AR)

    Two overflights in the extreme north of Uruguay. The first one is over the mouth of the Cuareim River in the Uruguay River, triple border with Brazil and Argentina, taking off from Puerto Pedregullo, located within the Rincón de Franquía Environmental Protection Area. The second one, over the...
  4. Korrd

    Air 2 Flying The Argentinian North | Tafí del Valle, Tucuman

    Recorded during my last trip through Argentina, which I emigrated from to, well, many places as I'm a digital nomad now. Enjoy!
  5. Korrd

    Mini Berta de Battini Dam | San Luis | Argentina

  6. Korrd

    Air 2 Puerto Madero at Night | Buenos Aires

  7. C

    Mavic 2 Zoom - Crash with trees

    Hi all! I hope you can help me. A few days ago I was in Bariloche (Argentina) doing a flight in Active Track mode over Lake Nahuel Huapi. Suddenly I see that the drone when rotating on the object it was following, is heading against some trees on the shore of the lake. Immediately I tried to...
  8. Pollution levels on Buenos Aires, before and after covid19 lockdown

    Pollution levels on Buenos Aires, before and after covid19 lockdown

    This comparison shows air cleanliness over Buenos Aires City during and after covid-19 quarantine. The difference is quite measurable.
  9. Sunset over Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Sunset over Buenos Aires, Argentina

  10. Aerial night shot over Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Aerial night shot over Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  11. San Rafael Mendoza: DJI Mavic2 Zoom, DJI Osmo2.

    San Rafael Mendoza: DJI Mavic2 Zoom, DJI Osmo2.

    Argentina Province of Mendoza 35 Km from the city of San Rafael, Bordering the Cañon del Atuel we find the Valle Grande Los Reyunos dam, a water mirror that ...
  12. acurth

    A simple Point of Interest 360 video.

    I shot this one 2 days ago in Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina. Hicked up to one of the tallest peaks in mount Catedral, and was able to get the 360 footage only a few meters higher than I was (no obstacles from other peaks for example) - that gave the video a nice angle to see the surroundings...
  13. B

    Flying high... and a question

    Hi folks, I just ended a very nice trip in Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, where I shot more than 75 takes (5.5 hours of footage, all above 3500-4000 m above sea level) with my Mavic Pro drone. I started editing first the most extreme flight, done at Mina Julia, at the Argentina-Chile border in the...
  14. L

    Hola Argentina

    Hola usuarios Mavic de Argentina. Soy de Palermo, Caba, y junto con otros usuarios del foro estamos organizando una juntada. Hice un grupo de WhatsApp, el que quiera me escribe a [email protected] y lo sumo. La idea es aprender entre todos nuevos trucos ycompartir experiencia. Saludos Leo...
  15. K

    Mavic Pilot in Argentina

    Acaso hay algún piloto que lea este foro y sea de Argentina? Espero que si!