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  1. San Rafael Mendoza: DJI Mavic2 Zoom, DJI Osmo2.

    San Rafael Mendoza: DJI Mavic2 Zoom, DJI Osmo2.

    Argentina Province of Mendoza 35 Km from the city of San Rafael, Bordering the Cañon del Atuel we find the Valle Grande Los Reyunos dam, a water mirror that ...
  2. acurth

    A simple Point of Interest 360 video.

    I shot this one 2 days ago in Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina. Hicked up to one of the tallest peaks in mount Catedral, and was able to get the 360 footage only a few meters higher than I was (no obstacles from other peaks for example) - that gave the video a nice angle to see the surroundings...
  3. B

    Flying high... and a question

    Hi folks, I just ended a very nice trip in Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, where I shot more than 75 takes (5.5 hours of footage, all above 3500-4000 m above sea level) with my Mavic Pro drone. I started editing first the most extreme flight, done at Mina Julia, at the Argentina-Chile border in the...
  4. L

    Hola Argentina

    Hola usuarios Mavic de Argentina. Soy de Palermo, Caba, y junto con otros usuarios del foro estamos organizando una juntada. Hice un grupo de WhatsApp, el que quiera me escribe a [email protected] y lo sumo. La idea es aprender entre todos nuevos trucos ycompartir experiencia. Saludos Leo...
  5. K

    Mavic Pilot in Argentina

    Acaso hay algún piloto que lea este foro y sea de Argentina? Espero que si!