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    Bad New Year! My 3 Weeks Old Mavic Mini Lost In The Wind

    I was fly my drone earlier today (2nd Of January) and I took it up and I noticed the wind was too much so I tried landing it and it wasn’t responding to the remote control, I initiated the RTH but the drone keeps flying away into the wind! I waited for few minutes since I initiated the RTH but...
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    Errors - compass, gps, IMU

    Hello, i got my Mavic pro almost half a year! But last flights i always get some errors. I'm running latest update, i did compass calibration, IMU calibration! Did not have any crash before! I'm flying in open area 200-500m from me with good signal, good satellite no metal interference and...
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    16 SATs and then boom! ATTI Mode and almost a fly-a-way!

    Fly my MAvic Pro on Wednesday and all was good. Calibrated Compass, checked all areas for issues, send up and hovered a bit, got 16 sats and then put it up to about 350 ft for a shoot I needed. All of a sudden I hear the faint voice of my controller "ATTI" mode and noticed on my screen ATTI...