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augmented reality

  1. PointG

    Glasses not totally compatible with Mavic Air

    Before purchasing the glasses just be forewarned that they currently are not totally compatible with the Mavic Air. The glasses require C1 and C2 buttons to takeoff and land in the VR simulation and the MA controller does not have them. Unfortunate.
  2. John Gowland

    How to become an expert pilot.

    Cognitive theory of learning and flying drones -augmented reality. I did a quick search on this and came up with some approximate sites but none dealing with the following. I am certain there are the exact and more detailed links out there. This just a simple application of Cognitive theory of...
  3. D


    Anyone using ARKit? Would think someone with programming experience could come up with interesting stuff using a drone like the Mavic. Any thoughts? ARKit - Apple Developer The best of ARKit: Falcon 9 landing, Minecraft, Van Gogh bedroom tour, and more [Videos]