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  1. S

    Air 1 Austin Apple Campus Awash in Snow

    The new Austin Apple campus has been under construction for quite some time now, but this is a unique look at the site as the heavy snow fell on January 10th 2021. The high winds and not-so-great range of my MA1 made it a bit challenging to film, but kind of a cool and different view just the...
  2. S

    Any golfers out there?

    Got a chance to go out and do some flying yesterday at our local Top Golf here in Austin, TX.
  3. P

    Mavic Air stolen in Austin.

    My DJI Mavic Air ( Fly more Combo with case) has been stolen over the weekend from my car along with some other stuff. Incident reported to Sheriff's office. I don't think I have a serial number as I bought it from another person, slightly used. I fly it using my iPhone 8+ and frequently sync...
  4. R

    Sold - Mavic Pro Platinum

    I ordered two Pro Platinum's, one from DJI on 10-24 and one from Amazon last September. Figured I would cancel the order of one after the other showed up. Well, both are coming on Monday 11-13 to Cedar Park / Austin TX. If you want to buy one, unopened, for retail on the 14th contact me. It will...
  5. C

    Here Comes the Rain

    4 shot pano of a storm coming in. Shot with Polar ND 16 +1, -3, 0 and post processed in Lightroom.
  6. G

    New Mavic Pilot near Austin

    New to drones! But after lurking and saving for some time, got a Mavic this week. Located in a rural area and want to monitor game...among other things.
  7. Rod

    Austin, Texas Zilker Park

    Quick flight in Austin this week. Settings: Full Manual D-Cinelike -1 -1 -1 Taco RC ND filter Color graded/corrected in Premiere Pro CC