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autonomous flight

  1. hextronics

    Introducing the Hextronics Global

    Hey everyone, I'm Frank from Hextronics, and I'm here to introduce you to our new battery swapping Drone-in-a-Box product, the Hextronics Global! We pride ourselves in developing an innovative product at an affordable cost with the highest quality possible. Hextronics was started by a team of...
  2. dronelink

    Newly Released Dronelink 101 Videos

    Responding to requests from our beta users, we have released 3 quick videos intended to help users that are interested in learning how to quickly get started with Dronelink. We'd love to get additional feedback from users who are looking to do unique autonomous missions. As more and more...
  3. LakeTravis

    Mavic Pro with Autopilot 3.8

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the new version of Autopilot 3.8 for iOS now that it supports the Mavic Pro? Like some others have mentioned, for cinematic quality and smoothness, I used it extensively with my Phantom 3 Pro. Anyone try it yet with the Mavic?