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  1. Coskier

    Mavic 3 Fly More Combo Bag/ Backpack Review - Video and pics

    My first product review in video form. Go easy on me. :) @CanadaDrone / @John Locke - I think you guys were looking for something like this. Pics are a couple of replies down.
  2. Narayita

    Posted a new in-depth review I made of the GPC Mavic Pro Backpack

    Check it out guys, I wanted a good backpack that I could take out hiking in rough conditions with my Mavic pro, I knew that this bag was gonna be quality from my experience with 5.11 Tactical bags from my time in the Army. I'm really happy to report that the compartment for a camel-back is...
  3. G

    Peak Design Everyday pack, Mavic Air, and DSLR

    I have a Canon T2I with 4 medium to small lenses (none of the massive telephoto ones), and now I have a Mavic Air (Fly More). I'm looking for a bag to take all that stuff plus have some space for other stuff, and the Peak Design bags look like good options. Is anyone with one of these bags in a...

    Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250 Backpack for DJI Mavic

    Hello All, I am curious if anyone uses this backpack from Lowepro, (Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250 Backpack for DJI Mavic) I just purchased one from B&H Photo . I probably should have asked the question before I ordered this pack. Although I did watch many reviews on You Tube, and didn't see any...
  5. P

    23 Mavic Pro Essential Gear 4K60 – Quick Backpack & Accessories List (Platinum, Alpine)

    I’ve had the Mavic for months now and have acquired some accessories that I find essential when filming. Here’s a short video of what’s in my kit, including fitting everything in the backpack I have chosen. A bunch of these items should be on sale right now until the next couple of weeks! If...
  6. P

    23 Mavic Essential Gear Kit 4K60 – Short Backpack/Accessories List (Platinum, Alpine)

    After having used the Mavic for 9 months, I made a quick video of gear/accessories that I carry (and believe are important) when out filming. A bunch of these should be on sale for a week or two! If you’re free, also check out my cinematic drone tutorials for beginners (71 basic moves, multiple...
  7. Joely-Bird

    Nanuk Vs. LoPro

    I know there are a few posts on cases out there, I've narrowed down my choice to these two, and was curious to see what everyone else would choose! Nanuk or LowPro
  8. ddodell

    Backpack Suggestions - Goggle & Mavic

    Looking for a backpack to carry my Mavic and Goggles? I'm using a Lowepro camera backpack I had right now, and everything fits in it really well, including accessories in small compartments. Has anyone tried the new Lowepro Droneguard backpacks with a Mavic and Goggles? Not sure the 250 model...
  9. O

    bag to fit mavic with nanosync antenna mod ?

    Looking for a small soft case or backpack for mavic with batteries and controller with nanosync antenna installed, would be great to fit the tablet as well, any recommendation? I liked the original dji mavic shoulder bag but is too small to fit it all, specially nanosync now :( new toys, new...
  10. D

    Backpack for Mavic plus DSLR camera with a large zoom?

    I've been using a LowePro FastPack BP 250 AW case with an accessories compartment at the top to carry my Canon 77D camera plus the drone. The zippered compartment at the top will actually hold the Mavic drone in its DJI carrying case with the remote. Perfect! Or at least it was until I replaced...
  11. J

    Backpack for Goggles + Mavic Pro

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone who has the DJI goggles has a backpack that they like that fits both the mavic, a couple of batteries, and the goggles?
  12. TankedPirate

    Recommendations for Backpack and DSLR

    Hello all, Looking for a good backpack to hold my 'fly more' combo including chargers, cables, etc, and a full frame DSLR, and flash. I can live with one lens in the bag, but it all must fit in the one backpack... Any recommendations would be of great assistance! Driving myself crazy looking...
  13. A

    Amazon carry bag

    Hi everyone, I've just received the DSLR bag from Amazon prime for £18.99 and it's great! Everything fits perfectly and there's extra room for a few spare batteries (when I receive them. The bag has a well padded soft lining, isn't too big and is a fraction of the price of the DJI bag...