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bad problematic cog center of gravity

  1. iamdorian

    Mavic 2 (Pro) RTH-triggered Vortex Ring State, Gyro issue or GPS confusion?

    On my second Mavic 2 Pro now. Before I mention what I think was a VRS wobble today using RTH, I wanted to mention a fatal series of errors that cost me my first Mavic 2. Christmas Eve I tried to fly a Litchi mission that would have taken the Mavic 2 Pro under a fairly low bridge over a...
  2. manu.weyers

    Why is the COG (center of gravity) way off on the Mavic?!

    If you lift the Mavic with the two diagonal opposite motors (on the propellers hub), the Mavic will lean heavily forward ("nose heavy"). This "mechanical" design imbalance is strange ... , and as a consequence, provokes a problem that can be seen when you decent the Mavic vertically down at max...