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battery care

  1. kcoleman805

    Triple Flashing Lights

    Just took my Mavic for a flight using two batteries. Finished flying and brought my Mavic inside to charge the batteries. I placed my two batteries into the charging dock, as I usually do, and when I did so the light on the charging dock went red. And the green light closest to the power switch...
  2. H

    Question about a battery setting

    First off, let me apologize for asking this if it has been asked before but I cannot seem to find any info on it and I have been looking for days. I thought I read somewhere that you can set the batteries to discharge quickly down to a certain level in an effort to improve the overall life (not...
  3. AlanTheBeast

    Sensible battery conservation tips

    A video I just watched. Sensible tips - though I'm not convinced with his "90% before taking an airline flight" tip.