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battery failure

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    Mavic Air sudden battery discharge

    I’m visiting in Montana, and flew my Mavic Air (not a “2”) briefly today. It went from 99% battery to critically low, falling out of the sky, within about two minutes, max. After a long search through wet, tall grass, I found it, inserted a second battery, and it did nearly the same thing...
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    Lost control, then 2 seconds later lost connection, on my Mavic Pro what happened ??

    Hi guys, new member but long time pilot here. So I must sadly report my Drone is gone (for now). Due to legal reasons it has a sign with my name and address, but since it droppen into a valley about 400m from my starting position there was no way to get there. I watched a lot of "fly away"...
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    DJI Shipping - What is the story!

    Hi all. I ordered a Mavic Pro battery, new props and a few other bits and pieces for the DJI store a few weeks ago and still nothing has been shipped. The battery failed on my Mavic (cell imbalance) after only 62 charges.. I fly model planes etc, I know the issues with Lipo balancing but for...