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battery mods

  1. cgmaxed

    4200mah 4s battery LiHV gives my Mavic2 Zoom 150% percent battery life. Easily breaking Autel's 40min claim.

    So, I finally did it. I bought that little flat battery expansion plug for my Mavic2 Zoom. It's made by StartRC, I think. I used a lighter weight 4200mah LiHV graphene battery and connected to the drone after starting the drone up with it's own battery. I flew a route which I know only gives me...
  2. D

    Mavic pro external Battery mod

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting the external battery mod on sale at maxx uav with the XT60 connectors for 3s batteries. The actual Battery opening is 1.37" (via the straps) and i was just wondering if anyone knew which batteries would work best to give me some additional flight time.
  3. Chip D

    Mavic Pro Battery Accidental Dishcharge mod

    Ha, I bet you clicked on this post to see how to add another 5 hours of battery time to your flights. Sorry to disappoint you. There is nothing worse than getting to the flight site, with supposedly all 3 batteries fully charged, only to find out that the only one that is still fully charged...