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  1. M

    2 Pro silent moments in the german Alps - Winter Wonderland

    … the first Snow in this Winter …
  2. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro NYE in Fussen + Neuschwanstein Castle (VLOG)

    Hello Friends - our NYE and final Vlog from 2022 is live !! Wishing you all a Happy 2023 !!
  3. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Lake Eibsee (Bavaria)

    Hey Friends - Happy Holidays, hope you all are enjoying this time of the year. Just put out a new vlog from our Christmas Day at Lake Eibsee and exploring around the Bavarian Alps. Drone shots are all with the M2Pro, hope you enjoy it ! All the best ! Chris
  4. MauMau

    Cinematic Riverside Shots

    Still quite happy after switching from the Spark to the Mavic Air - here are some cinematic shots I also did with the Spark before but the Air's video quality is SO MUCH better. I really enjoy it. Location info: This is the Lech river near and inside the city of Augsburg, Bavaria (the hometown...
  5. MauMau

    Through the Mountains with E-Board & Mavic Air

    This was my first trip since I recently switched from the Spark to the Air. Schwangau is a nice location near / in the Bavarian Alps. Although the paths and roads there are quite steep, they are perfect for discovering the scenic location via E-Board. Unfortunately, I did not realize that using...
  6. M

    Austria and Bavaria 4K (amazing places)

    Travelling around Austria and Bavaria with iPhone X and DJI Mavic Pro. Beautiful places!
  7. S

    Edge of the Alps 4K

    Just wanted to share my first video from my new Mavic Pro :) Loving it so far! Took it out into the mountains here in Bavaria, Germany and I'm pretty happy with the results. My first Mavic had the blurry edges issue but I think I got luckier with the replacement. Still experimenting with...