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b&h shipping

  1. S

    Just ordered Fly More from B&H

    Bit the bullet and spent all my Christmas money and then some! B&H does not collect tax from Cali so saves me $150 bucks. They would not even give me a estimated delivery window. Going to use the time I'm waiting to learn all I can so hopefully it lasts me more than a flight or two. Anyone...
  2. Gringorio

    B&H Just Shipped my Mavic Fly More Combo!

    Finally! Ordered on 9/27 Tracking #1: 1ZXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Shipping Method: UPS 3 DAY Scheduled Arrival Date: 12/08/16 Note: Signature may be required upon delivery Item Qty Item Description SAUMSD64GB 1 64GB Ultra UHS-I microSDXC Memory Card (Class 10) DJMAVICPC 1 Mavic Pro Fly More Combo