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birds of prey

  1. BigglesPippa

    Mini 2 Flying with buzzards in UK!

    I was up in the moors near Huddersfield (UK) minding my own business when along came some buzzards. They weren't bothered by the drone at all. Thankfully rather than attack the drone, they were quite curious. Made for some “once in a lifetime footage”. When they were hovering along side the...
  2. E

    Nearly crashed my drone into over a dozen birds of prey!

    A short drone film I have made recently of birds of prey searching for food with the DJI Mavic Pro! Please give it a watch it you have a spare 2 mins. Appreciate all feedback :) (P.S. I know it's not color graded, my laptop froze and for that day wouldn't allow me to retner Premiere Pro so had...
  3. keva1

    Mr. Hawk meets Ms. Drone! (Mavic Pro)

    This was my first encounter with a large bird of prey. He was obviously curious about the Magic Pro. After the first pass by me, he started to get more aggressive. The flight ended swiftly in an effort to not aggravate the Hawk further or run the risk of being taken down. The film footage is...