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  1. ambarcapoor

    Black video, then drone told me it was unregistered?

    I had an opportunity to fly over Trona Pinnacles in California yesterday as part of a film project. The object was to get a super wide overview of the area. After take off I climbed straight up until I hit the 500m ceiling. Right about that time I lost video to a black screen or weirdly choppy...
  2. D

    PLEASE HELP w/ half black screen? Nexus 7-2013 w/ Mavic pro

    I have tried everything and spent 4+ hours on this, please help. The phone I was running wasn't on the official device list and was a little glitchy, so I bought a Nexus 7-2013, which is on the list. It is glitch/artifacts/or something bad. I have tried the last 3 firmware versions, multiple SD...