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    Mavic 2 Pro - gimbal board pinout and connector

    Hi, I'm looking for any available information on the pinout of the connector on the gimbal board of the M2 Pro. Already a big help is a hint to the type or specific connector used. (image found by droneshopperth DJI Mavic 2 Gimbal Board - Drone Shop Perth)
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    Mavic air esc smd

    Hello, there is not a single electrolytic capacitor on the board of my mavic air. Perhaps someone knows what it can be replaced or where to find the original, perhaps someone has the characteristics or circuit board. On the board there should be 4 such components, on the other two it is written...
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    Mavic Aircraft Core Board Overheated, DJI Want to Replace Rotors Arms

    I opened a case with DJI Support because my Mavic cooling fan stopped working and I began receiving a warning of "aircraft core board overheated". I just received the assesment and repair invoice for replacing a gimbal mounting bracket, both rear motor arms, a couple of shell components and a...