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  1. A

    Air 2 52' fishing Motor Yacht from earlier this year

    The shots at ~13s & ~19s are my favorites from this one
  2. A

    Air 2 Another larger vessel, 90' Motor Yacht on Lake Washington

    This was actually all shot in the morning despite the sunset look. It was one of those days that was quiet, still, and orange all day. Only thing that was missing was the green flash from Pirates of the Caribbean. She felt like a gentleman's country club which I later heard was an intentional...
  3. A

    Air 2 A larger boat this time, 100' Motor Yacht by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

    This boat was in near perfect condition due to only having 1 owner who kept it in a boat house for 30 years. One of the more fun shoots I've been on in the last year. Enjoy!
  4. Boating on Biscayne Bay.JPG

    Boating on Biscayne Bay.JPG

    Boating on Biscayne Bay on a warm winter day in February. In the foreground is the neighborhood of Normandy Isle, a neighborhood of Miami Beach. In the distant background is Surfside and Sunny Isles.
  5. blackomega

    Family fun at the lake

    Family boating and jetski fun at Lakelse Lakelse Lake
  6. V

    Discovering Wayag, Sailing RAJA AMPAT

    Wayag is maybe that place you've seen pictures of but never known where it is. Marie and I have been spending a lot of time during the covid thing in Wayag, nearly alone in this piece of paradise. We are trying to explore every corner of it and show you at home this special place. This week we...
  7. desertvet38

    Bulk Carrier Ship Nordtajo - Tampa Bay

    Well, the "Horizon" set sail sometime last night, and today I looked on my Marine Tracker app, and it showed this new ship, the Bulk Carrier "Nordtajo" in it's place, with a home port of Valletta (the Capital of Malta). Soooooo...with three batteries full of power, a killer DJI Mavic 2 Pro...
  8. R

    A little sunrise, a little boating

    Starting to get the hang of Active Track and gaining confidence to fly through the trees! Lake Minnetonka, MN