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  1. roflyer

    Mini 4 Bonaire Expedition - Drone, FPV and Scuba!

    This is the video of our scubadiving trip to Bonaire! Lots of aerial shots with the Mini4 Pro and Avata flying in Manual Mode! Please like and subscribe to the channel if you enjoy the content!
  2. roflyer

    Scuba & Drone Expedition to Bonaire

    Here is the video of our fantastic expedition to the Diver’s Paradise Island: Bonaire in tue Dutch Caribbean:
  3. C

    Bonaire Video

    After a few weeks of practice at home, here's my first video. The landscape in Bonaire is drone skills needs some work but hoping to do some better and more interesting shots next month in St Croix. Shot on a Mavic Air in 4K D-Cinelike with polar pro filters, mainly the 16ND...
  4. S


    So, I have looked at Bonaire's website, and it basically tells me to leave my drone at home or packed in my bag. But..., I have looked at more than a few youtube videos, and these yin yangs have either gotten permission to fly (which I doubt) or are just flying. Many vids are over the main...