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  1. Drone UK

    Mavic 2 meets Suspension Bridges

    first time filming something like this
  2. Lostgirl Hikes

    Red river bridge crossings

    Been working on a project I don't get a whole lot of time off but I'm on my 6th bridge crossing of the Red River going over Texas and Oklahoma area. I just wanted to share :) I have had no problem with the iron affecting my drone but I think I just have been lucky with my experiences and...
  3. Ray Dunakin

    Bridges and Birds

    A while back I was out in the country flying near a couple of bridges. As I flew, dozens of swallows came out from under the bridges and starting swirling around my Mavic. Here's the video... music is "Pioneers" by Audionautix. Unfortunately iMovie deleted my title and I didn't notice until...