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  1. A

    Worst thing about Mini 3 Pro and the new DJI RC and the FLY APP

    I'm one week into Mini 3 Pro ownership, and I'm generally happy with it. Some people (mostly outside the US) have experienced range issues, but for me the range has been fine. Others have complained about image quality, but what I've seen so far is good, especially for such a small drone. My...
  2. T

    Best smartphone to use with a DJI Mavic 2 drone?

    Hi, I have a Samsung Note 9 that I use to fly my Mavic 2 Zoom with but I'm having problems with the screen. After around 20 minutes of flying my drone, the brightness of the screen on my Note 9 starts to get so dim I can hardly see what's on the screen. So I want to sell my Note 9 and buy a new...
  3. MauiMaps

    Crystalsky vs Note 8 battery test; temps, flights!

    Brightness + stress test coming soon (max auto brightness, +10% performance mode, screen record, live stream, skin)
  4. W

    Ev constantly changing even in manual mode

    hi, With my mavic, I have a problem that is driving me mad! I start the mavic, set the drone to video mode and manual settings, set the iso and shutter speed and then start filming. However, if I move the camera around, it constantly changing the ev. The image becomes darker and brighter every...
  5. DesertWindAero

    iPhone/iPad visibility using Photochromic Lens Glasses

    I use glasses that have photochromic lenses that get darker when outdoors. I've noticed that my iPhone/iPad doesn't seem bright enough when wearing these glasses outdoors even though the brightness is turned all the way up. The image and controls are extremely hard to see - even if there is no...