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  1. MauiMaps

    Crystalsky vs Note 8 battery test; temps, flights!

    Brightness + stress test coming soon (max auto brightness, +10% performance mode, screen record, live stream, skin)
  2. W

    Ev constantly changing even in manual mode

    hi, With my mavic, I have a problem that is driving me mad! I start the mavic, set the drone to video mode and manual settings, set the iso and shutter speed and then start filming. However, if I move the camera around, it constantly changing the ev. The image becomes darker and brighter every...
  3. DesertWindAero

    iPhone/iPad visibility using Photochromic Lens Glasses

    I use glasses that have photochromic lenses that get darker when outdoors. I've noticed that my iPhone/iPad doesn't seem bright enough when wearing these glasses outdoors even though the brightness is turned all the way up. The image and controls are extremely hard to see - even if there is no...