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broken camera

  1. brick

    4 day old M2P ran over by car, incredible repair bill $$$ :(

    So I was out flying around with my 4 day old Mavic 2 Pro and I landed in the parking lot of my work, exactly 25 seconds later as I was reviewing the flight video on my phone a Lexus pulls in and runs over my M2P. Seemingly on purpose by the video... I don't think it was on purpose though, anyhow...
  2. R

    Camera not working

    I bought a mavic with a non-working camera and am trying to fix it. When I bought it, the ribbon cable (flat) was broken going into the gimbal. So I just replaced that and am still not getting video feed or photos on my galaxy s7. I have tried the cable provided with the remote and a different...
  3. I

    no video, blackscreen no recording

    i have crashed my mavic 10 day ago, i update and downgrade but nothing happens please help!!
  4. Blueflame2007

    Crashed Mavic

    Hi Guys, Sad to report I've crashed my Mavic Pro after doing something really stupid. Earlier on during the day I put my Mavic up to record a charity cycle as it was approaching our town. I did a reci first and altered my video settings and exposure to suit the ambient light as you do. I...
  5. E

    Camera separated from the body

    The camera was separated from the body when it was accidentally dropped. Seems the camera and it's pivots are not damaged, but the two cables and the attaching plastic bracket are broken. Does anyone know if I can purchase the two cables and the plastic mounting bracket? If so, who do I ask...