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broken gimbal

  1. S

    Drone flew into hill! Can I sell "broken" gimbal/camera unit.

    Hi Everyone, I just returned from a trip to Central Asia and managed to crash my Mavic Pro on the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan. The crash was a bit of a mystery which probably deserves it's own thread but I was following a gradual uphill incline (of around 25 degree) and the drone just flew...
  2. L

    Diagnosing black camera feed after crash & short circuit

    This is a long story but here it goes. I was flying the mavic pro over a quarry that has water in it. I was actually flying without my phone connected since it had been stolen a couple of days before, but didn't want to miss out on flying at this great place and recording. As I was flying the...
  3. R

    Can I fly mavic with broken gimbal?

    I have a broken gimbal on my mavic. Can I fly it without repairing the camera? The gimbal won't move at all. Any suggestions?
  4. Blueflame2007

    Crashed Mavic

    Hi Guys, Sad to report I've crashed my Mavic Pro after doing something really stupid. Earlier on during the day I put my Mavic up to record a charity cycle as it was approaching our town. I did a reci first and altered my video settings and exposure to suit the ambient light as you do. I...
  5. B

    Gimbal base broken after crash plus flat cable sticking out

    Hi guys, crashed my MAVIC PRO, and gimbal base got broken..... Also, flat cable is ripped. I have already ordered bas replacement fom Ali epxress, can you advise which flat cable replacement I need to buy??? PIC: IMG_6806.JPG
  6. P

    I seem to have a gimbal issue that no one else has had. (Video Included)

    Video here: Hi everyone, The gimbal on my <30 days old Mavic is malfunctioning in some way that is causing it to pan down anywhere from 10-30 degrees every time the drone accelerates forward. Trying to correct for this by turning the gimbal wheel to pan up causes the up and down "jumping"...