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bug app

  1. P

    Mavic air 2 black live feed

    Went to take my drone our this morning (28th November 2021) to survey the damage to my property after storm arwen. DJI FLY app kept crashing and wouldn't open so I unistalled and we t to install again only to find its no longer on the Google playstore. Download it from the DJI website and it...
  2. nasuisindaairnow!!!

    2 prompts same time on dji app screen, please fix

    first dji go app asking do i wanna use cellurar data for maps, then allmost same time / on top of this prompt app is asking about wlan region change (( so its easy to hit by accident yes or no same to both questions, and this sucks hard. i hope you understand and support to get better app.