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  1. T

    Help Me Graduate

    Certification of Aircraft and Pilots for Beyond Visual Line of Sight Flying Attention all part 107 holders, it would help me out greatly if you complete this survey. Please send it to friends and other part 107 holders that you know via the link provided. This survey is for my graduate research...
  2. M

    BVLOS why do so many do it?

    I am very new and green to the world of drones, but i my efforts to catch up and get educated I have seen a ton YouTube videos which are often very informative and entertaining, I am sure many of you here are posting so thank you! I notice that a great many of the folks filming these videos in...
  3. Yaros

    VLOS rule makes flights boring - do you follow it?

    Hello, I have been flying drones for 1 year now and with my first drone VLOS wasn't a problem, the drone itself was big, bigger than a phantom 4 pro, and the range was limited (about 1 km max at 120 m / 400 ft) and you could see it from very far away. 6 months ago I got myself a mavic air 2...
  4. Gringorio

    Lets talk about where you *CAN* fly BVLOS

    This forum is saturated with threads about the issues and abuses of flying beyond visual line of sight. I propose we talk about where we can, legally and safely, fly BVLOS. I've been lucky to have flown for a couple of non-profits in various parts of the world where the FAA or other country's...
  5. cgmaxed

    Flying your drone 1 to 2 miles away during the day ! : The Trick

    Using a 3000 lumen rated spot light (1500 lumen constant output), in my case the FENIX G35, 5oz, cost 70 U.S dollars. Feel free to buy other lights, this is no ad for fenix. You can achieve VLOS at distances up to 1 mile in total sunlight and 2 miles on overcast days. The experiment was...
  6. D

    Drones as first responders

    "Each day, the Chula Vista police respond to as many as 15 emergency calls with a drone, launching more than 4,100 flights since the program began two years ago. Chula Vista, a Southern California city with a population of 270,000, is the first in the country to adopt such a program, called...
  7. AlanTheBeast

    Why Beyond VLOS (BVLOS) will not be coming soon

    Good article in AW&ST. Industry, Regulators Edge Closer To Beyond Line Of Sight UAS You need to join to be able to read it (this article is free, not all are). Two key things: 1) "“The rule that rules all is that pilots have to maintain vigilance to see and avoid other aircraft. By...
  8. Cookedinlh

    Why BVLOS is Over-Rated

    I've written about and flown well beyond my own line of sight and published some "BVLOS Best Practices" but . . I'm coming to the realization that NOT allowing BVLOS is really . . in a very practical sense . . is a "feel good exercise" for regulators and law makers. There is little Flight...
  9. Cookedinlh

    How Lethal is Mavic

    Transport Canada will not allow flights BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) commercial or otherwise. . . . even with a standing or Blanket SFOC. I spoke to them yesterday regarding a special case whereby as long as it was under GPS control and within the boundaries of the field you are working...