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cached video

  1. SkyIScrape

    Information overload!!! What do I need to keep?

    Please forgive me in advance, as I know I can search the forums and find the answers. However, my adult A.D.D. desires a quick, one-click reference guide as my go to. Your answers will help out a dude. Data, data and more data!!! What, where, when, how and why? Note: I record in 2.7 since I...
  2. TrayBoz

    How do I view the cached video in my iPad Mini?

    I have the DJI GO 4 app set to cache video to my iPad Mini 4 (the most recent 4GB anyway). Other than using the Editor that's built into DJI GO, how can I view these videos on my iPad Mini 4? I know that the videos are saved as .MOV files somewhere in the DJI app folder. What App can I use...