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Information overload!!! What do I need to keep?


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Aug 12, 2017
Moon Twp., PA
Please forgive me in advance, as I know I can search the forums and find the answers. However, my adult A.D.D. desires a quick, one-click reference guide as my go to. Your answers will help out a dude.

Data, data and more data!!! What, where, when, how and why?

Note: I record in 2.7 since I have nothing to review it in 4k, but I still managed to pile up 115GB of data after a few flights.

Videos and pics are being recorded to onboard SD card, which I download periodically to my desktop and backup. But, I also see they're stored in the DJI Go app. The quality is much better straight from SD card, so is there any reason to keep vid/pics stored in the app?

Where are the flight logs? Seems like a good idea to keep them. How should I be storing them?

Cache or not to cache? I'd like to keep map records, for some reason. Cache Map in Background the only way? If i turn off Cache During Video Shooting what would I be losing? Record Audio with Video Cache I think is a good best practice to make in flight notes to self. Also, if I'm confronted like that dude who got his Mavic tossed into the ocean by some jagoff...I'd have evidence...of that conversation. Although, now that I think of it, I'd also have evidence of myself breaking state and federal wiretap laws by recording a conversation without consent. (there's my A.D.D. in mad effect)

Am I missing anything?

oh look, squirrel!
I wouldn't worry too much about the records etc, the cache will rotate and will not grow.. that's all just noise compared to the 10s of GBs of data that you will accumulate unless you actually edit and delete the footage you no longer need.. that's what I would focus on first.
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