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  1. this_girl_drones

    New girl in the air 👋

    Hiya just wanted to introduce myself…Mini 2 user, been flying since Christmas, absolutely hooked! Based in Worcestershire, UK. Bit of a nervous flyer still, loves sunsets 🧡
  2. AltumVidens

    Ambitious manual shots from Ireland

    Trying out my new Mavic Mini 2, I got a little ambituous with some of the continuous shots in this video (e.g. at 45 seconds & 17 seconds). I had about 4 hours flying time under my belt and I decided to get more adventurous with some of the shots. I don't know if I got lucky with some of these...
  3. M

    Newbie looking to buy 1st Drone Advice- I am in Canada this week, but live in the US

    Hey all, My first post here, I'm excited to be a part of the forums. I am getting into drones for the main reason that I do Real Estate, and think it would help my business immensely. I will like to eventually get an Air2s, or the 3 when it comes out in the near future. For now, I am...
  4. ultracat

    Hi everyone! Bridgewater, Nova Scotia checking in..

    New basic certified pilot with a few hours flight time on my new Mavic 2 Pro. Been practicing flying in wide-open rural areas around Lunenburg County. Steep learning curve but I'm trying new maneuvers and settings each time I go out and am already starting to feel more confident with my...
  5. B

    First flight for a first time drone buyer (A2s)

    Well, after 3 years of being a lookie-loo, I purchased and received my first drone - an AIR 2s. My purchase was originally going to be the Mavic Air 2 but just as I was going to pull the trigger in early April I spotted the wind-up of the rumor mill regarding the A2s and decided to wait. Last...
  6. KartofeL

    Air 2 Poland mountains Andrzejówka

    My second video. Getting a feel of Davinci Resolve but it is a stubborn little beast. Doesn't use GPU to decode and is crashing all the time. What do you think?
  7. KartofeL

    Hello from Poland

    Hello from Poland. I just bought my first drone ever (DJI Mavic Air 2) and yesterday was my very first flight. Sadly there also was my very first crash (DO NOT FLY AT HOME!!!), but gladly nothing much happened. After that I went on a field with a lot of open space and begun flying. It was a lot...
  8. D

    Sydney pilot

    Hi All Defender2020 from Sydney with a Mavic Pro2 plus flymore Great fun and great picks
  9. J

    John M in Conroe TX - dji Mavic Air

    I live in a neighborhood of lake Conroe, with lake/boat access. Can I fly by or over the lake to film? I also want help to apply for an faa hobby or commercial license but don't really understand the process for licensing or requesting permission if required.
  10. DonDayan

    Another Newbie - from SO Oregon.

    What’s up everybody? Is everyone enjoying this holiday lockdown? Well I’m not! Been flying every day. Can anyone tell me if I can adjust the speed of my Mavic Air 2 in QuickShot? Mine is just sooo slow, it’s barely useable! I hope there is a solution, because I haven’t learned enough to...
  11. C

    New Mavic Air 2 in Lake Worth, fl

    Hi there, Just found this and I think is great, glad to be a member. Jose
  12. T

    Newbie flyer in coastal Britain

    Hi all, thanks for having me. New drone flyer- MM - here in Margate, Kent, with a wealth of coastline to explore. A few of short films under the belt already (see them here) and I have to say the mavic min is such a cool little thing with enormous capabilities! Yes, itching for a bigger...
  13. N

    Newbie here from SF bay area

    Finally got my first real drone apart for a few toys earlier on..!! Got great help on this forum so far, thank you. Mavic Air 2 - Lets fly ..!!
  14. T

    Newbie Question - Part 2

    Never having had a Drone before and in the market to buy one there is a lot of information here which is great, however, it is also not great as it is very confusing from a newbie perspective. Trying to get a clear view on whether to buy a new drone (MA2) is proving difficult. I am based in the...
  15. M

    Thankyou for having me! Mavic 2 Pro with questions already!

    Very new to the world of drones and my mind is already blown! Owner of the Mavic 2 Pro with Racing Goggles. I'll be hunting around for answers to; 1. With racing goggles used will my work on boosting the remote controller power (Alientech) be a waste of time? i.e. is the signal coming from...
  16. D

    New MPP owner in Hastings, East Sussex UK

    Hi, Just saying hello as a new member. I was bought a very basic Visio Siluroid drone by my fiancee (now wife! :) ) last Christmas and it was a great introduction. It was good fun for a bit but just a toy until it flew off in a gust of wind it couldn’t compete with! Well after nearly a year of...
  17. M

    [SUGGESTIONS] Maiden Flight & First Video

    Hey guys, Took out my drone a few days ago on its very first flight and managed to film some video which I edited directly on the DJI GO 4 app. Here it is: This is my first drone and my first attempt at filming things so I was hoping you experts could give me some tips on how to improve...
  18. K

    Battery Connector problem

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie toward drone and this forum. (I apologize if I post in a wrong place) I recently purchased a LiPO 7.4 V 2000mAh battery but I have a problem on connecting the battery to the balance charging board. Problems: (1)Can anyone tell me what kind of plug is this on the...
  19. Adaaam75

    Newbie advice required

    Hi guys (that includes gals), So I have my new Mavic Pro and although I live in Saffron Walden, a smll town in rural Essex, England. I'm trying to look for areas to take off from. I know this sounds silly but i'm not confident enough to launch where there will be interested people wanting to...
  20. T

    Hello from Silicon Valley

    I just got my Mavic 2 Zoom and the RE goggles. Flying in Silicon Valley is very restricted but I am looking forward to taking the Mavic on my business trips abroad. Haven't tested the goggles yet, but will do so tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the advice and information posted here!