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flight logs

  1. F

    Problems uploading flight records

    I'm trying to upload the flight records for my Mini 3 Pro using the DJI RC. I just enabled "Auto-sync Flight Records" and connected the RC to wifi but when I go to the Flight Data Centre and click upload most of the records update but then it reports "54 flight records not uploaded". I've...
  2. slup

    Any of you guys with a Mavic 3 that can share some flight logs ...

    Hi all with a new exiting Mavic 3 :D Sometimes when a new model is released some smaller adjustments is required in the diagnostic tools we use to being able to decode & depict the mobile device flight logs. Without these necessary adjustments the possibility to assist pilots after a mishap or...
  3. SkyIScrape

    Information overload!!! What do I need to keep?

    Please forgive me in advance, as I know I can search the forums and find the answers. However, my adult A.D.D. desires a quick, one-click reference guide as my go to. Your answers will help out a dude. Data, data and more data!!! What, where, when, how and why? Note: I record in 2.7 since I...
  4. K

    Lost Mavic Platinum Pro. Can Someone Help With Flight Logs?

    Hi guys. I am new to the forum. I have been flying RC for 30 years. I have been flying FPV for about 5 years. My main quad is Inspire. About 2 weeks ago I purchased the Mavic Pro Platinum. The portability looked amazing! I had about 20 flights in with it. Yesterday while flying I got...
  5. R

    Flight Log Education

    Hi All, Been reading a few threads about the Mavic's flight logs and I too think the more we know about it, the better it is. I have been uploading my logs to Airdata to keep track of mileage, battery temps, etc. I also downloaded their CSV files to keep a bit of a logbook myself. But, if you're...
  6. Qoncussion

    Flight logs show wrong date...?

    I'm using a dedicated LG-G2 with my Mavic. The last two flights show the wrong date, once uploaded to I flew today, April 18th, but the logs show April 11th. The phone's date and time are absolutely correct. Any ideas?