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txt Log files on RC Pro. Where?


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Nov 18, 2021
North Pole, Alaska
I can't find the flight logs on my RC Controller. I searched this and other forums and another post here had instructions similar to other pages that said the following:

Mac Instructions​

  1. Download and install Android File Transfer.

  2. Power on the remote controller.

  3. Connect the USB cable between the USB-C port on the bottom of the remote controller and USB port on your computer.

  4. Run the Android File Transfer application if it does not automatically open.

  5. A folder should open displaying the files available on the remote controller.

    Note: You might need to navigate to one of these directories to get to the folder where the TXT files are stored:
    • Android\data\dji.go.v5\files\FlightRecord
    • DJI\dji.pilot.pad\FlightRecord
  6. At this point, you can decrypt the TXT flight log files and view the contents with a flight log viewer like Flight Reader or the free online TXT log viewer.
I have done all that and tehre are no logs in any place I can find. My Android File app shows but my internal storage and my sd card so I'm looking at the internal storage (actually both) and I find dji.go.v5 and the path to files/FlightRecords but all that is in there is a folder MCDatFlightrecords. Oddly I have seen something in that folder at one time and now there is nothing within it. My flight data is set to Auto-sync. shows me recent flights but I'm not paying for it so it only shows some flights, not older ones. I'd also like to find the data from my FPV controller but that's another query :). I've followed the instructions at phantom help which is essentially the same thing to no avail. Any thoughts on where I'm messing up?
I don't know if it will work on a mac but you might try using the mac to search the controller just as if you were looking for a normal file on the mac's harddrive etc.. It does work with an Android PHONE and Windows.
I can not experiment as I do not have an RC and my mac is bust, lol, besides android file transfer didnt work on my mac.
I had to blue tooth logs from an Android phone to the mac ...... b l o o m i n g s l o w .

That said, are you simply seeking to find the logs or do you wish to copy them to the mac ?
On the RC Pro, I just checked. This is the path - Files/Android/Data/dji.go.v5/files/FlightRecord
empty although by turning on my drone, then the RC Pro and looking at Android File Transfer, now I have exactly one txt file show up.
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Have you previously synced the missing logs with DJI ?
If so copy the new log and its DAT to your computer then do a sync, the idea being that the sync should download copies of those previously synce logs to the controller. It may be necessary to to pla them in the app before they will become visible to the computer.
Have you previously synced the missing logs with DJI ?
Yes. I assume so. On my RC Pro in Settings/Sync Flight data it is turned on. In profile/More I see 1420 flights.

If so copy the new log and its DAT to your computer then do a sync.
I don't know how to do that. All I see in AndroidFileTransfer in the dji.go.v5/files/FlightRecord is a single .txt file, a download folder, a cache folder and a MCDatFlightRecord folder with one file. I have copied them to a folder on my computer but that doesn't change what is in the controller...
It may be necessary to to pla them in the app before they will become visible to the computer. I don't understand that... But appreciate you trying to help.
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