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    1. maveric11
      Hi, use droni from four years. I have purchased all the Phantom up to four.
      Now, with my Mavic I would like to record video with the data of flight, exactly as they are seen on the screen. Would you be so polite to inform me of as I have to do for also recording the data of flight together with the video?
    2. robbietle
      Hi I am looking to see if anyone is currently in Uganda with a drone. Mine is being held with customs as I came thru the airport. I would be willing to hire someone to come with me to several villages for some aerial shots of our schools for this is the main reason I am visiting. Please let me know how I can contact you ASAP. Thank you, Robbie
    3. Robair
      Good Morning from Uganda , I would like to ask you a question, i have a battery that is flashing 1 led and then after 3 seconds it stops for 2 seconds, it wont pick up a charge, do you know what might be the problem?
      1. robbietle
        Hey Robair. Good evening from Uganda. If you're using the outlets there might be an issue with it being a 240v outlet instead of 120v. You might check the battery specs. BTW I arrived last night and the Entebbe airport security is holding my mavic pro. That is unfortunate because that is the main reason I came here. Is there anyway that we can connect? My name is Robbie.
        Jul 13, 2017
    4. ChipFrazier
      You have done what I think is an amazing job of assisting the Mavic community! Thank you! Your work recreating flight logs with photos of the flight path is intriguing. I can find my flight logs, but am unable to translate that data into the pictures of the flight paths. Can you explain briefly how you do that? Do you apply the lat/long to Google Earth manually?
    5. Radioflyers
      Hi I have been using Litchi for panoramic still photography but over the last few days experience issues with Litchi.
      I was hoping you could comment on my situation and suggest a solution to getting Litchi panos to work again?

      I have a link to Air Data UAV for the latest time I had an issue.

      Thank you in advance. Jon
    6. Drone Ireland
      Drone Ireland
      Hi My son found a lost drone and I have joined this forum purely to find the owner of a lost drone
      that may have flown into restricted space in Dublin Ireland.
      I suspect the drone owner in from the US
      Any help with best way for tracing owner appreciated
      I am not familiar with the site so not sure how to best reach the most people.
      Best regards
    7. james_mav
    8. vector
      Could you provide me with the best settings. According to your advice?
    9. d.tsopanas@hotmail
      Hi, im new to this forum and not really sure how it works. I had a couple questions about my mavic pro and was wondering if anyone could help
    10. MizLi
      Hi. Mavic was kept in the backpack for about 2 weeks with a dislodged gimbal lock. Today, video displays a little wobble, barely noticeable but you can tell it dances a little before it settles in when we put the mavic on hover. It might have put stress on the gimbal frm the dislogde lock that was on it for a while. Any idea what is wrong with it? Going on a trip soon. Please help and thank you so much
    11. Mavic19963
      I have scoured the web about courses that provide education and training on becoming FAA Part 107 certified. What courses are legit, and which ones are scams?
    12. wombat
      Hi msinger, I am away from home at the current time and have not been online much, can you advise me if I should do the updates to FW? I am on .700 now and I did do the recent update to the app on my ipad mini 4, what is your advice ?
    13. Hawkeye 2
      Hawkeye 2
      Do you know if there is a problem travelling into the USA with 3 spare batteries
    14. Afzal's Mavic
      Afzal's Mavic
      Hi, I am new here and i am not able to post in the forum. please help...
    15. Mario Esteves
      Mario Esteves
      Dear All, I hit my mavic yesterday not too hard and my gimbal does not response. It has image but do not move up and down.
      any hint?
      I restard app... the app does not allow to recalibrate the gimbal.
      Also, it is strange but the app says that everything is ok
    16. Blucenturion
      Hi, when you posted a link where one could view CSV files, I bookmarked it, and today sat down to look into the matter. Then I saw this note "Note: The Mac version of CsvView can not accept .txt files."

      I am Mac, so do I have any alternatives to accomplish this?


    17. SadMavicControllerOwner
      hey msinger im the guy with the lost drone due to RC signal loss and my RTH function never worked. you commented asking for a TXT log and i finally have it. everyone is saying you know what your doing so if you could please take a look at the log and give me any input it would be greatly appreciated

      The Log is Here:
    18. BluesDragon
      Just wanted to say "thanks" for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I've bm'd your page with loads of information links, and vids... for future references. Thanks!
    19. Darthcryder
      hi @msinger, read the post on "mavic lost! failure to rth". i too have signal loss and i have not seen it again. i have attached the url . i am no longer in Cologne and should have return to Singapore by the time you read this. i would like to know the likely fate of the mavic, since i won't be just going back just to retrieve.
    20. minimpw
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