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  • Wonder if you can help me. Just got my Mavic Pro from the official repair place n Holland for a faulty camera connection, but now my it won't connect to the controller. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
    Hello , please can you help im having some problem with my mavic air.. when im filming i got a lot of noise and grain in my video.. the image and the video does not have a smooth cinematic resolution. Please can you tell me how to fix this problem and also how to learn when to set the appropriate sharpness contrast and saturation depending on the weather condition for example sun set , sunrise , at night, sunny ?
    so far most of my post are getting deleted with no explanation. Almost every post I have made are good valid beginner questions except one post on military drones in “general discussion”. It was quickly removed. I thought “ok, maybe that was off topic” but instead of it being moved it too was deleted. I reached out to who I think the mod was.... no answer
    I am a novice with flying..Mavic Pro, I shot a job in a area with no mobile coverage flew, took foto's and a video, Came home and wanted to download foto's etc BUT NOThing was on the card. Been told something about a Cache, that all images are in a Cache... Plugged the Drone directly to the Mac and then ??????
    Can anyone out there assist me please.
    just wanted to kno if theirs a program i can get on my surface pro 3 to plug dji mavic pro in n get spec readings? keep getting motor current error.
    HI, im from Montreal Canada.

    I try to connect my Samsung tablet to my remote no connection, do i need to use a dji usb wire.
    ricky1, A moment ago
    I'm stuck between that cinema vivid series or the standard series from polar pro lenses? Which ones do you recommend for my mavic air?
    Mr. msinger, just a note to thank you for all your insight, knowledge and expertise shared here in the forum and for taking so much time of your time to help so many drone enthusiasts. I always anticipate what follows when I see your user ID before a post. Thanks.
    my question is :
    i want to fly my drone in the marsh in southern dorchester county in md. i do not have gps, cell or wifi present there can i still fly my drone safely without loosing it and how far ?
    How do you not have GPS? I'm in Md and always have GPS. Africa has GPS.
    Hi Mike, Question? Is there a unit that you can buy that will discharge my batteries to 50% ? Right now I have been installing them in the Mavic and running them down. Pain in the butt!
    Thanks for any help and thank you for all your help on this web site. Chuck.
    Please help me just got Mavic yesterday, flew once in back yard, no wherever I go say NFZ which is not true. If this is because I did not register properly with DJI how do I do it? HELP
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