Oct 12, 2016
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    1. ricky1
      HI, im from Montreal Canada.

      I try to connect my Samsung tablet to my remote no connection, do i need to use a dji usb wire.
      ricky1, A moment ago
    2. Red Baron
      Red Baron
      I want to buy some ID stickers from you but I lost the link--HELP-LOL
    3. Bitmaster
    4. Mavicairpilot
      I'm stuck between that cinema vivid series or the standard series from polar pro lenses? Which ones do you recommend for my mavic air?
    5. netfolks2000
      Mr. msinger, just a note to thank you for all your insight, knowledge and expertise shared here in the forum and for taking so much time of your time to help so many drone enthusiasts. I always anticipate what follows when I see your user ID before a post. Thanks.
    6. Vind
      I tried to reply on the mavic pilots but it says I have no permission
    7. Vind
      Are you receiving this message
    8. SparkyMart
    9. Tom walters
      Tom walters
      my question is :
      i want to fly my drone in the marsh in southern dorchester county in md. i do not have gps, cell or wifi present there can i still fly my drone safely without loosing it and how far ?
    10. WAXMAN
      Hi Mike, Question? Is there a unit that you can buy that will discharge my batteries to 50% ? Right now I have been installing them in the Mavic and running them down. Pain in the butt!
      Thanks for any help and thank you for all your help on this web site. Chuck.
    11. StevieG
      Please help me just got Mavic yesterday, flew once in back yard, no wherever I go say NFZ which is not true. If this is because I did not register properly with DJI how do I do it? HELP
    12. b2n
      Hello from France.
      My 4 month old mavic crash after update! I read many problem like this on internet.
      Unfortunetely i cannot claim for warranty because i bought it when i was in another country but i would like to understand why it crash exactly
      Here is all the information and also the DAT file:
      Thank you very much
    13. vreiunceai
      Hi from UK, short question is Mavic Pro recording video with sound or not?
    14. johntaylor54
      Hello from Australia seeking your help with my Mavic Pro It was working fine last time I used it.Now it wont connect Thankyou John Taylor
    15. Zanzibar Mavic
      Zanzibar Mavic
      Hello, I greatly need assistance. I recently purchased the Mavic pro with 3 batteries. One of the batteries will not power up the drone and it will not charge. It remains with two led lit during charge but never charges. I have updated my firmware on two batteries, controller, and drone. How do I update the third battery if the drone will not power up with the faulty battery?
    16. luciano luks
      luciano luks
      olá, por favor, alguem pode me explicar, a bateria do meu mavic ta piscando os dois ledes do meio e não comunica com o controle remoto. Alguem sabe como resolver isso?
    17. walidmoussa
      Dear colleagues:
      Please be informed that i have several issues with my new Mavic Pro and i did not manage to fly it !!
      I had installed the latest DGI GO 4 application and downloaded the latest software for both RC & the Mavic ( V01-03-0700 ).
      error on the Remote Control saying: SYS WARNING - CHECK APP ).
      Error on App: Main Controller Data Error. !!

      Thank you & best regards,
      Walid Moussa
      0040 7313 21844
    18. nymusicboy
      Hi msinger.. I just signed up today and do not own a Dji Mavic Pro yet. I wanted to make sure that my phone, samsung galaxy s6 is compatable without app i have read certain phones crash. I have more ??? but will wait for reply Thank You... Neil
    19. Robert Bowie
      Robert Bowie
      Ive noticed your the man to talk to when it comes to mavics and I was having a little trouble finding a video that had the antenna coming out of the middle back. Is this possible if so do you have pictures or know procedure? Im waiting on my front left leg to get in but it may be another week. m dronzin and need a fix. LoL yeah i love it that much lol. Thank you for your time.
    20. drummer21861
      Hi msinger, I just got into drones this past month and purchased a Mavic pro. been flying it with my Galaxy s4 phone no issues I needed a bigger screen so I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab A model number SM-T550 android version 6.0.1, would you know why It wont work with the Mavic Pro keeps giving me this issue, The connected device is unable to access data on this device.
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