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calibration failure

  1. N

    calibration failure at 68%

    I recently got a mavic pro. I went through the IMU and compass calibration fine. my problem is the gimbal calibration failure at 68% every time. I have downgraded my firmware and re updated several time, but no prevail. failing at 68% every time. the camera just looks up and shakes a few...
  2. S

    Visual System Calibration

    I am trying to recalibrate the visual system using the DJI Assistant software, but it keeps telling me to reboot the device. Several attempts at doing this have not succeeded. Any suggestions? I am using the most recent Assistant software v 1.1.0-2 and have just updated the device firmware to 800
  3. AdventureCity

    Non-working Vision Sensors

    I cannot get my Mavic's vision system to work. Background: The Mavic crashed itself into the side of a sheet metal building. I have the video and logs to prove that. It flew left so to counter that I was joy-sticking it to the right. It broke it's gimbal plate. I replaced that. Current...