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camera control

  1. P

    Gimbal and Camera control lost midflight

    Hi, I have a DJI Mavic Pro. Recently I have started facing an issue with the gimbal and the camera. While flying I am losing the control of the gimbal and camera control. This is an intermittent issue. Using the dial I cannot control the gimbal. Also the details of the camera aperture, shutter...
  2. J

    camera problem

    hello people.. (sorry my englis is not the best..) so i have problems with gimbal and camera... i update an re-instal and try everything and still not working it go like this: i can fly normaly,everything working but i cannot take a picture or take a video and the mavic cannot found sd card and...
  3. M

    Camera Control Help

    I have a very basic question. I have the Mavic Pro. I’m looking for a video tutorial on how to control the camera with the base unit. I can get it to tilt up and down but can’t get it to pan left and right. This is very basic I know. I’ve found a million videos on the camera control “settings”...
  4. Boomerang

    No gimbal/cam view on my iPhone while flying my Mavic.... Help!?

    Hi to everybody! Who can tell me how to fix the follwing problem I faced today during my first Mavic Pro flight? Despite of flying with the drone, my iPhone coupled don't shows the remote view of the gimbal/cam... I've installed the app DJI-Go-4 but can't get the a.m. view.... May someone tell...