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camera error

  1. M

    Camera problem

    Hello everyone. Today I flew my mavic pro platinu after a distance of about 100 meters and the picture froze. After I hit it and restarted again after the picture has gone away, the image freezes. Anyone have an idea? Thanks
  2. D

    *CRASH* & No Video after several repairs!

    Not having the best luck with fixing my mavic pro after a palm tree island crash earlier this year. I've been reading all the forums and following all the threads and watching all the videos and unfortunately I've hit the "wall". I dunno where to go from here and would appreciate your input! I...
  3. C

    Camera failure from SD card ?

    I was recently flying my Mavic Pro on a day with high humidity. It worked fine one day, then the next, the camera couldn't be controlled, couldn't focus, and would go black every 3 seconds or so. I tested on 2 different phones including an iPhone, and no change. A few days later, I tried a new...
  4. MrBreez

    cameraSensorError... No video but everything seems fine.

    took a couple of flights in the house after receiving my Mavic and things seemed to be working fine. Now I'm getting a cameraSensorError and no picture/video feed back to either my iPad or Galaxy Note 5. Was online with support twice today (45 in queue) and they had me refresh my firmware and...