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camera noise

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    DNG very noisy

    The same picture made in JPG and DNG. The DNG is extremely noisy, remarkable worse than the JPEG. This is not a processing issue. The screenshots below are both from Photoshop Camera Raw. There is clearly an issue with the DNG capture. Is there a setting I'm missing? Perhaps a setting...
  2. J

    Air 2 Is the noise in this image I shot normal?

    If you zoom in on the brown river you see some noise, I just wondered if thats normal and the lighting just wasn't good enough. Thanks in advance! :) Edit: alright guys I have here 3 images these are al 100 ISO butt different shutter speed so you can see even when its overexposed it has some...
  3. W

    Insane noise level at ISO 100. What am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys, just bought the mavic 2 pro before I went on vacation and thought I nailed some great shots. But then I was shocked about the noise level in the pictures at bright day light with ISO 100. What happened? Settings: F/2.8 1/240 sec. ISO 100 ND 16 POL Filter Thankful for any advice...
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    Problem with footage

    Hi there, I need some help here. I have been shooting with Mavic Pro for a while and it has been ok. But suddenly it starts to be allot of noise in the footage. I have uploaded a video with raw files from Final Cut and you can see the different, but clips #1,2,3 seems to pretty fine (no...