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  1. T

    Air 1 Nevada Winter Skies

    Aerial views from December of 2021 near Red Rock Canyon. Some familiar territory for me just west of Las Vegas, but I was happy to capture some new videos with beautiful clouds this December morning. All comments are welcome!
  2. FoxFlight Drone Video

    2 Pro Tujunga Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains, California (4K)

    Starting from the Big Tujunga Dam in the west side of the San Gabriel mountains, Tujunga canyon runs down into the east side of the LA Valley. The morning made me think it was going to be overcast but things started to clear up as I drove up the valley. However, you can see the clouds spilling...
  3. A

    Air 2 Drone run up an Arizona canyon

    I've only made a few flights with my MA2, but I'm really impressed with the detail in the videos even in Auto mode. This one was shot 4K60 with no post editing other than to join the clips, and the colors are washed out because of the low winter sun ... although I did use an ND16 filter to try...
  4. B

    Epic Mountain Sunset

    Hey just wanted to share another video from a recent flight. I recorded at sunset and was stoked with the results. Please watch and share your thoughts:
  5. C

    Big Thompson Canyon with the Mavic

    I took the Mavic up Big Thompson Canyon Saturday for a little flying/filming. Here's a quick edit (I am brand new to video editing, so I have a lot to learn). The road is closed to traffic because of construction up the canyon. I might bring one of my race quads out there tomorrow :).
  6. logge

    Gorges du Verdon, the Grand Canyon of France

    The Gorges Du Verdon or the "Grand Canyon of Verdon", in south-eastern France, is a river canyon that is often considered to be one of Europe's most beautiful. It was formed by the Verdon River, which is named for its startling turquoise-green colour. The most impressive part lies between the...
  7. G

    Red Rock Canyon 4K | Las Vegas, NV

  8. 1

    400 foot limitation.

    I took off from the top of a cliff and descended over 600 feet to get some shots of the river below. When I tried to climb out of the canyon to bring my Mavic home I could not get it to climb above 400 feet (200 feet from the top of the cliff). Since my battery was running low at that point I...
  9. Z

    Route 66 New Mexico, Mountains, a Mesa, Canyon, Trains.

    Stopped and got this footage on my way from California to Texas!
  10. paulbeumer

    Canyon scouting

    Hi I could use some advise. I'm planning to go on a white water kayak trip, and will take the MP in watery places. The idea is to do some photogrammetry photo shoots in canyons and/or tight river passages. I wonder if anybody has some experience with it and is willing to share them. I have...