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  1. Twice_Knightly

    Traveling from Seattle to Australia Brisbane with Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey there, I'll be flying to Brisbane Australia in a few weeks and I plan to bring my Mavic 2 Pro and batts as a carry-on with my fly more bag. Not too worried about TSA giving any problems when boarding in Seattle just wondering what I should be aware of when arriving in Brisbane and going...
  2. G

    CASA 'can I fly there' App malfunctioning

    Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the CASA App in Australia? I am consistently getting 'OK to fly here' results from areas that are obviously restricted ( example: icon placed directly over Gladstone airport on map, says OK to fly here). I contacted CASA and they said to reload the...
  3. P

    From CASA

    Seems they've extended the notification period Extension of notification period You are receiving this email as you notified us that you intended to fly under the commercial sub 2kg drone rules. Your initial notification to us was valid for two (2) years. We’ve now increased the required...
  4. delbz

    CASA review of my video

    Hi folks, This thread is mainly for Australian forum members. I recently bought a Mavic Pro and wanted to ensure I fly within Australian laws. I asked CASA about flying over private property as this is ambiguous to me. This is CASA's response. ------------- ---------------- I wanted more...
  5. BurgersAndFlies

    Australian Law - Flight Over Homes

    Hi, I note that the CASA regulations are such that it is state regularly that you are not to fly within 30 meters of buildings. I was wondering how this related to the airspace above a building. Obviously there is a reasonable risk that flying over a person could cause an injury and is thus...